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We bridge the gap of talented job seekers and professional companies

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  • Applicant Tracking
  • Regularly Updated Jobs
  • Right Candidates
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Let Us Bring What You Are Looking For

Based in Vancouver, CNS is a professional staffing agency that offers valued recruiting services for job seekers and organizations around Canada and the United States. We help both local organizations and global enterprises find the right candidates who can improve their business’s performance and leverage their resources. Our goal is to bridge the gap of a talented job seeker and a professional firm, playing the role of a perfect staffing agency.

Whether you are struggling to find your desired job, or you're an employer who is looking for an ideal candidate, CNS can help you in either case. At our platform, temporary, part-time, and permanent jobs from IT and other industries are listed regularly by organizations and job placement agencies from the US and Canada. Similarly, hundreds of job seekers create their profiles in search of an opportunity that can help them make a successful career.

Using our staffing expertise and experience, we have been connecting top companies with talented candidates for years. Most US staffing agencies prefer our candidates to make their organizations more productive and agile. We've always helped our clients by delivering staffing results beyond their expectations.

IT Staff Augmentation

Hire professional web developers, designers, digital marketing experts, social marketers, and financial service consultants.

Permanent Placement

Better permanent placement solutions in today’s highly competitive market. Top talents for top-class companies.

Project Services

Find special candidates for your special projects. Find the best temporary employment services in US and Canada.

Job Seekers

Why not start your new job right here? If you are talented, you deserve the right platform that you can find through us. Your story may begin here because we bring extraordinary career opportunities that’ll help you reach your life goals. No matter you live in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, or New York, our job staffing agency is active in all the big and small cities of Canada and the US. Our out-of-the-box staffing solutions will help you find such a job that you can enjoy. Being experienced in IT staffing in Canada, we are enriched with all kinds of resources and tools that can be helpful for online staffing services. We also help job seekers by providing tips for career counseling, resumes, interviews, and skills training.




CNS comes in one of the leading IT staffing agencies in Vancouver. In fact, we are the right answer to your query, "IT staffing companies near me". Our effective recruitment solutions help employers that can improve their business's performance and credibility. We first understand your business and then make a workforce strategy to sort out only the most relevant and highly skilled candidates for you. We effectively reduce your recruitment time and cost by identifying you the right personnel. Through our reliable staffing and recruiting services, you can eliminate all kinds of stress and complications. In every request you make to us, we make use of all our efforts to expand your access to top-rated IT employees.

Our Staffing Specialists

We are one of the top staffing companies in Canada and the USA that have certified staff who have years of experience in the field. Our team has provided numerous IT jobs in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other cities. Having satisfied job seekers and employers from all the cities, our people are always a commitment to providing people what they want. We actually know what it takes to be the best in this field. Each member of our professional business staffing team has an entrepreneurial spirit to take risks and lead from the front. That’s why we put a deal of focus on job seekers, understand them, and then introduce them to you, because we understand that only great employees can make great organizations.


Let’s Work Together

Proven Leadership

We have been in the business for more than 10 years and our experience has helped us become a top-quality staffing service in US and Canada.

Team Work

Our team works together to make strategic plans for better staffing solutions that can deliver desired results to both organizations and job seekers.


We get down to action with advanced and high-touch recruiting practices to polish talents and give them a perfect platform to make a successful career.

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When you need outspoken staffing solutions in the US or Canada, contact us to interact with better support and resources with better workforce solutions.

10 Reasons to Choose CNS as Your Staffing Partner

  1. Specialized information system and technology.
  2. Educated and skilled staffing staff with proven records.
  3. Highly quality candidate for top-class companies and vice versa.
  4. Reduced recruiting time with a simple process, and no hassles.
  5. Strategic hires that can leverage your business’s resources.
  6. Guaranteed satisfaction with increased return on investment.
  7. Temporary, permanent, project-based, and more hiring options.
  8. Transparent process with proper notifications.
  9. Dedicated recruiters who help you find what’s best for you.
  10. Timesaving, cost-effective, and the highest standards of service.

What Our Clients Say

“I have been with CNS for more than a year and I have found them very professional, particularly in staffing. I have hired 5 employees through them and all of them are talented enough to help me achieve my business goals. I recommend their recruitment service to all." – Hendrik, Canada

“Though I had experienced many other platforms to find a perfect job for me, DNS gave me a direction that took me to the right path of my career. I'm satisfied with my job now and looking forward to getting a promotion quite soon.” – Jazmin, USA

"It was a truly wonderful experience of me with CNS. The office staff and their communication were awesome. The process is also simple and I found good employees through them. Kudos to this company." –Finch, Canada

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