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  • Around-the-Clock Plans
  • A Vast Array of Knowledge and Experience
  • Continuous Customer Care and Support
  • More leads and Sales
  • Highly Proficient Social Experts

Let Us Accelerate Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most important marketing platforms where your business can accelerate to get more leads. Based in Vancouver, CNS Digital Marketing offers outspoken social media marketing management services in the US, Canada, and other countries. Our social experts have years of experience in creating and managing social media strategies for our clients from diverse industries.

Through our effective social media monitoring, we save your time and increase your brand’s social presence. Understanding your business’s needs, we work hard to execute plans that can deliver results beyond your expectations. Our social media automation efficiency makes us one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Canada.

We propose a full-scale social media management package that includes daily postings and responses to comments in a professional way. We help you set up your account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and all other leading social platforms. Our package also includes custom templates, QR code, and spam removal. All in all, our consistent service and quality content help a small business stand out with global enterprises.

Social Strategy
A comprehensive strategy with a detailed outline to increase the exposure of your social profiles.
User Engagement
Compelling content and attractive images/videos to engage users from all social networks.
Thorough reporting by our social experts to analyze current campaigns and to make goals for the future.

Community Management

Maintaining the health of your social existence, our social media community managers create innovative content that speaks for your business. Though management of social accounts is no rocket science, it requires a strategic work to engage a community on a regular basis.
Here at CNS Digital Marketing, we have the right managers who’ll develop your social content, manage your campaigns, and present a report that’ll meet your expectations. With their consistent plans and long-term engagements, we have become one of the successful digital marketing agencies in Canada.
Making use of our proven and tested plans, we drive more traffic to your site and increase your brand’s reputation. We increase social fans and followers with engaging posts and allure your audience take certain actions.

Paid Social Marketing

Paid social media is the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals in no time. In case you can’t wait for the organic reach, you can get our paid social media marketing help to quickly promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, and other leading social platforms.
We analyze a business, find the right target audience, and achieve better ROI for it. We help you leverage your niche and build a community of your satisfied customers. Our hyper-relevant campaigns help our clients reach the right users swiftly.

Our paid social media marketing services will help you:
  1. Expand your social media existence.
  2. Deliver the right message to the right people.
  3. Make more money with a limited budget.

Our Social Media Specialists

CNS is one of the top social media companies in Canada and the USA that have certified and talented staff that has years of experience in the field. Our team has given a perfect social media existence to many small businesses and global enterprises in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other cities.

Being a leading Vancouver social media company, we are always committed to providing people what they want. We actually know what it takes to be the best in this field.

Each member of our professional social media team has an entrepreneurial spirit to take risks and lead from the front. That’s why we put a deal of focus on social media management services using our expertise in content creation and its effective promotion.

Let’s Work Together

Proven Leadership

We have been in the business for more than 10 years and our experience has helped us become a top-rated social media agency.

Team Work

Our team works together to make strategic plans for better social solutions that can deliver desired results to all our clients.


When you need outspoken social media solutions, contact us now to interact with better workforce solutions for your social media.

10 Reasons to Choose CNS as Your Social Media Partner

  1. 1. We actually get engaged with what we do for our clients.
  2. 2. Our social media experts work with heart and soul to deliver results.
  3. 3. We make personalized social media marketing plans for each of our clients.
  4. 4. Our client relationship management is much better than others.
  5. 5. We save time and generate quick results for you.
  6. 6. We know how to manage social media marketing and increase leads.
  7. 7. Our social media marketing experts have worked for numerous industries.
  8. 8. We work with a transparent process and proper notifications.
  9. 9. We have top social media marketers who propose what’s best for you.
  10. 10. We make full use of all interactive tools to increase your social presence.

What Our Clients Say

“We hired CNS to manage our company's Facebook page. They mobilized our social community and helped us promote our product to a larger audience. We are satisfied with their work and recommend to others."

– John, Founder, Canada

“We have been quite satisfied with their service so far and looking forward to adding more social platforms in the package. Thank You "

– Joey Huang, Sale Manager, USA

“Our experience with CNS was much satisfactory. Their social team was professional and the communication level was also very high. Most importantly, their quick responses to our social audience helped us increase our leads."

– Kim, Marketing Specialist, Canada

"CNS did a fantastic job for me. I need a custom website for my business in Vancouver to expand the business to other states also. These guys built my side with more than professionalism and also helped me increase the organic ranks of my site"

– Finch, Canada

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