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If you are in Banking & Finance the old methods of servicing your customer are a thing of the past. To stay in tune with the current market trends whether it is marketing to your customer or show casing your awesome products and services you must be in digital marketing.

In the current environment, in Canada and globally targeted marketing is effective marketing. Spending your marketing dollars to targeted audience for select product and services will reap benefits more effectively.

Marketing, though an important aspect, financial institutions must also adhere to all the regulations in place. With the fight on money laundering and terrorism financing, governments around the world are taking measures to ensure these criminal activities are stopped or minimized. Bodies such as OSFI, Work-Check, Fintrac and other organizations are formed to ensure collectively we can create a safer world. Governments are now holding financial institutions socially and criminally responsible if such transaction are knowingly carried out or a blind eye is turned.

We, at CNS have the experience and knowledge to guide you whether it is in marketing or fighting financial crime. We have the experience and expertise working with global institutions and Canadian bodies. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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